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Business Checks Security Features

FIGHT CHECK FRAUD - Limit your risk with security features built into every check!

Secure Features

All the checks we sell include a rigorous check protection system the EXCEEDS industry guidelines. A unique combination of security features helps protect your checks against criminals armed with color copiers, scanners and chemical ink eradicators.

Defend your business against the growing problems of check counterfeiting and fraud!

Secure Business Check
Secure Business Check

Standard Protection - Most checks include the seven features noted below at no extra charge.

  1. Warning Box - Lists the security features that are in place, and describe how to detect if the check has been copied or altered.
  2. Security Screen - The words "Original Document" that appear in the screened background are printed in specially formulated inks and graphics, making the check resistant to copying or scanning.
  3. Padlock Icon and Warning - Check Payment Systems Association approved security sign warns potential criminals that the check has protective features. Refers the recipient to the back for details.
  4. Chemical Sensitive Paper - Stains and spots may appear when an attempt is made to remove the check information with chemical ink eradicators.
  5. Fluorescent Fibers - Only visible under ultraviolet light. They can't be photocopied or scanned, which aids in authentication.
  6. Erasure Protection - Attempts to alter check information by erasure may produce a white mark in the background pattern.
  7. Microprint Signature Line - The signature line is tiny text that's difficult to reproduce cleanly using copiers or scanners. Standard on Laser and One Write Checks.

Additional Custom Security Features

  • Artificial and authentic (real) watermarks
  • Intricate detailed borders and pantographs
  • Step-and -repeat pantographs
  • Custom microprint signature lines
  • Thermochromic ink
  • Warning bands
  • Bleed-thru numbering

Facts From the National Check Fraud Center

Check fraud and counterfeiting result in estimated losses of $10 billion+ annually and growing. According to current UCC Codes, your business could be held liable for losses incurred if you do not follow "reasonable commercial standards" to protect your checks.

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