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Customers Frequently Asked Questions

Banking Supplies

1. Who is Business Deposits Plus?

We are a leading provider of bank deposit supplies to the Cash Management / Loss Prevention industry. Started in 1997, BDP's sole purpose is to provide outstanding service as well as high quality products. The principles, Ray & Lynn Andrews, have over 45 years experience in the financial printing industry.

2. Who are your typical customers?

BDP provides deposit supplies to retailers, restaurant chains and multi-unit service providers that have 10 or more locations.

3. Can BDP print any financial institutions MICR specifications?

Yes, all of BDP products are guaranteed to be read or accepted by any financial institution. By working daily with the largest banks in the country we stay in tune with any changes in the requirements needed to accurately process documents through the high-speed equipment utilized.

4. How does your quality compare to other providers?

The MICR read rate (acceptance rate) is in excess of 99.98% MICR quality is checked at a minimum of 6 times per 24 hours. All bank deposit tickets produced are guaranteed to read at any financial institution. Any MICR issues are quickly resolved and willingly replaced at no charge.

5. What type of delivery can we expect to receive?

97% of all single orders are produced and shipped within 48 hours. 100% are produced and shipped within 72 hours. 100% of all endorsement stamps are shipped within 48 hours. Annual roll-outs, bank conversions and other large programs are scheduled to meet due dates

Orders are shipped via a provider that can be tracked in our secure section of our Web site. Typically, remote locations will receive their orders 5-7 working days from the time the order is placed.

6. Can supply orders be shipped directly to each location?

Yes, most of our clients have the orders shipped directly to the individual location. This eliminates the need to handle the order twice and incur additional shipping charges. We can also ship directly to a corporate headquarters or a central distribution facility.

7. How does your pricing compare with financial institutions?

You can expect to save 40% - 70% if you currently order through your financial institution. As important, clients gain control of their program by dictating the style, order frequency, shipping method and quality of items supplied by Business Deposits Plus.

8. Can deposit tickets be customized?

Yes, BDP offers over 30 different styles of bank deposit tickets/slips, which afford both flexibility and functionality. These styles can be modified to accommodate specific client needs. In addition, BDP offers the store I.D. number as part of our standard product offering at no additional charge.

9. How many parts can the deposit tickets be ordered?

Deposit Tickets can be ordered in single, duplicate, triplicate and quadruplicate. Quantities are available in 200, 400, 800 and 1,000.

10. How do you accept orders?

Orders are received via telephone, fax or a secure on-line ordering platform.

Let Business Deposits Plus be Your One Stop for Your Banking Deposit Supplies.

Banking Supplies & Cash Management Solutions
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